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Our Vision, Mission & Values

我們的願景 Our vision

我們展望香港未來的年輕人, 不論家庭或學校背景, 都能夠自由地追求最適合他們的高等教育。

We envision a Hong Kong where young people, regardless of their family or school background, are able to freely explore and pursue a higher education pathway that most suits them, wherever in the world that might be.  

現存問題 Current Problems

Many underprivileged students are tremendously gifted,
but studying abroad is an unthinkable dream to them.

1. 接收資訊上的差距 Information Gap

英國與香港的大學報名系統及程序差別很大, 學生缺乏相關訊息及支援, 難以掌握如何報讀心儀大學

The UK shares a very different university application system with Hong Kong, where local students lack relevant knowledge and support to master the application process.

2. 財政限制 Financial Gap

英國大學學費高昂 (超過一百萬港元), 一般家庭難以負擔

The UK has an extremely high tuition fee (over 1 million HKD), which normal families struggle to afford.

3. 對未來的規劃 Aspiration Gap

學生過分放大自身與英國學府的差距, 認為入讀英國大學遙不可及

Students exaggerate their differences between their abilities and universities in UK, believing that studying abroad is unreachable.

我們希望幫助同學負笈英國名牌學府, 在卓越教學輔以豐富資源下, 培養同學對學科的興趣和創新思維, 拓展視野, 於畢業後回饋香港社會。

我們的使命 Our Mission

我們致力協助香港有需要之學生入讀牛津、劍橋等英國頂尖學府。 為此,我們致力克服資訊、資源和期望的差距,讓來自弱勢背景的學生有機會接受足以改變一生的海外教育。

We strive to widen access to Oxford, Cambridge, and other top UK universities for less-privileged local students from Hong Kong. To do so, we focus on surmounting gaps in information, resources, and aspirations, empowering students from underrepresented backgrounds to access a life-changing education abroad.

​我們的核心理念 Our Values

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Educational Equality

我們將時間和資源分配給最有需要的學生, 為他們創造平等的入學和成就機會

We strive to level the playing field, focusing our time & resources on young people most in need of our guidance.

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Youth Empowerment


我們希望透過分享自己的經驗, 激勵學員發揮潛能

We are run by students for students, wielding our own lived experiences to inspire and empower the next generation.

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Spirit of Service


因此我們的所有活動都是免費, 不求回報

We expect nothing in return from our student beneficiaries, because we believe they deserve our unconditional support.

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Community Building


而許多學員亦選擇加入我們的組織, 讓公益精神薪火相傳

We engage a tight-knit team of young changemakers who genuinely connect with each other, passing the torch to new leaders year-after-year.

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Unconventional Learning



We stimulate personal and intellectual growth for ourselves and our students, by encouraging self-exploration

and thinking outside the box.

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