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Free UK Mentorship

About our mentorship programme

Access Abroad Hong Kong offers a completely free, one-to-one mentorship programme to help under-resourced Hong Kong secondary students apply to top UK universities. Mentors are current UK university students from Hong Kong and are matched to mentees based on the subject they are applying for.

How it works



Personal Statement Feedback
Our mentors will offer tailored feedback on your UCAS personal statement and give insight into what university admissions are looking for.

Aptitude Test Training
If the subject you are applying to requires an aptitude test, our mentors will give tips on how to prepare wisely and strategically.

1-on-1 Mock Interview Practice
Interviews can be a crucial part of your application process, especially if you are applying to Oxbridge. Our mentors will host mock interview sessions and guide you on how to approach this.



Scholarship Application Support
Not everyone can afford to study abroad. If you need a scholarship, you will have an additional mentor to guide you through the scholarship application process. We offer mentorships for many full-ride scholarships, including HKSES, Jardine, Prince Philip, and so on.

Careers Support
We also offer our mentees career mentoring with industry talks and job shadowing activities. We aim to build up our mentees’ profiles to make them more competitive in their university and scholarship applications.


Financial Support

For mentees who require financial assistance, we can subsidise most UK application fees, including fees for UCAS, IELTS, and aptitude tests.

“Sometimes it’s quite hard to believe that such a programme is completely free of charge and the mentors are volunteering, expecting nothing in return. In hindsight, AAHK contributed a large part to my dream come true and I am more than grateful for the mentors’ selfless dedication which has inspired me to do the same.”
Elysia Luo_edited.jpg
Elysia Luo
Natural Sciences / Cambridge /
HKSES scholar / Matriculated 2022


Starting university in 2025

  • Only those aiming to start their university studies in September/October 2025 would be eligible for our mentorship programme in 2024.

  • F.6 students who plan to take a gap year, current university students studying in Hong Kong who plan to restart their studies abroad, and F.4 students who plan to enter university early are all eligible.

Satisfactory Studying Results

  • Applicants are expected to have a minimum of 5,4,4 for their predicted grades (Applicants can submit the predicted grade proof after submitting the application).

  • Applicants who are under-resourced are prioritised, especially students studying in government / aided schools or students from low-income backgrounds.

  • That being said, we holistically review every single application, so if you are not sure, just apply!

Hong Kong students

  • Applicants must be Hong Kong students studying in local schools.

  • Local school students and those who are taking the HKDSE will be given priority.

Applying to top UK universities

  • Applicants should have G5 universities (Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, Imperial, UCL) as their first choice, unless they are studying a course that is only available / well-reputed at a specific university (e.g. Psychology at Bath, War Studies at KCL).

  • ​Rationale

    • We want our mentees to be reasonably competitive for HKSES, which is the only full-ride non-Oxbridge scholarship available for Hong Kong students, and HKSES highly values global university and subject rankings when considering applications.

    • That being said, there are many non-G5 HKSES awardees, and we review each non-G5 application on a case-by-case basis, so we still encourage you to apply nonetheless!

There had been no successful Oxford  undergraduate applications from students at my secondary school before, so I was very unfamiliar with UCAS and scholarship application processes… My mentors taught me how to write a personal statement, patiently explained questions that I didn't understand in admission test past papers and arranged weekly interview drills with me. Thanks to them, I secured an offer at my dream university. My scholarship mentors went through many drafts of my scholarship personal statement with me and taught me practical interview skills, enabling me to receive the full-ride Jardine Scholarship, which greatly reduced the financial burden of studying university in the UK on my family. The skills I learnt from the programme were also very transferable. Now that I am in university, I am extremely grateful that I can still keep in touch with my mentors and become friends with them!
Photo - Yannis Mok.jpg
Yannis Mok
Psychology and Linguistics / Oxford / Jardine scholar / Matriculated 2023

Application Process

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 22-56-37 輔導計劃流程.png

How to apply

1. Application Form

  • The application form helps us understand your academic and personal circumstances. Information we require include secondary school grades and activities, motivation questions, as well as basic financial information.

  • We may also request additional information/ context from applicants, so remember to check your email.

2. Aptitude Test/Interview

  • Depending on the subject and university you are applying to, you may be given an aptitude test and academic interview. There will also be a more informal chat where we hope to learn more about your motivation and circumstances.

3. Mentorship begins!

  • Once accepted, you will be immediately paired with your mentor. The mentorship will continue until your application is complete.

Please note that the number of mentors for certain subjects is very limited, and mentors will be matched with selected applicants on a first-come-first-served basis.

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